Next Day Nerves

I met with a close friend from out of town at the local bar we went to during our college days. He is like a brother to me, and it was great seeing him, and joking and eating wings just like old times. We talked and laughed – especially about him thinking Verizon sold health insurance. I got a phone call while we were at the bar. They wanted to move the appointment up by a hour, the nurse also asked me if I wanted to bring someone to the clinic to hear the results. I reacted to that part of the message, it sounded ominous. I told my friend and he tried to tell me it was nothing, but I couldn’t shake the feeling. We kept laughing and joking and we said goodbye with a promise to let him know  what the results were. I drove back to the office, still worried.  I paced around my apartment for most of the evening.


Author: fightingcancerblog

I am a forensic toxicologist by profession, a lover of nature, books, science fiction and life. I particularly love sea turtles, but this is not a blog about sea turtles. I was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 29. I learned some lessons along the way, and found a lot of answers from other experiences. I wanted to contribute my experience with the disease to the growing network of human intelligence that is the internet.

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